Question 2.5 SSD recognized through USB, not inside the laptop!

Jan 16, 2021
Hello there!

I have currently a HP ZBOOK 17 G5 Laptop.

I installed in it a Crucial MX200 2.5 SSD (500GB), which was working perfectly, I just needed more space.
I decided to change it for a MX500 2.5 SSD (1000GB).

However, after installation, nothing recognized, neither in BIOS, in disk management...

So, I decided to connect it through USB adapter. Perfectly recognized, I was able to make partitions.

I decided to put it back in the laptop: nothing recognized.
If I put back the old SSD: no problems. If I try the new one (same brand...) nothing works.

note: I tried a Samsung 850 Pro instead, it seems not recognized as well.... Where is the real issue? Bios? Am I missing something?

Thanks a lot for your help, I am going to have a headache.


Jan 16, 2021
crucial lists it as 100% compatible with your notebook, so id blame HP bios for compatibility issues, see if bios update will help
Thanks for your answer. I updated to the last version of the BIOS: nothing changes...
I read something about cloning the old SSD on the new one... But I don't understand how it would change the way it is recognized (or not in this case by the laptop).
Plase note that when I remove the MX500 from the laptop, it is hot, so the alimentation may work.

Michael Donovan

May 15, 2019
First time posting here, I am having a very similar issue . I am running an older Dell Latitude E6520 with Windows 10 64-bit. BIOS version A22, I am attempting to install an M.2 SATA 3 SSD (Dogfish 256GB).

I've done all the same troubleshooting with the same results... nodda. It shows with USB as does the optical drive, but in the bay the optical drive works and the M.2 SSD Doesn't show up or even power-up.

I've read about a possible pin issue but visually up close the dimensions and condition of both optical drive and M.2 connectors appear virtually identical. If it's mechanical I'm not seeing it.

Oh almost forgot, I'm hoping that everyone here is familiar with the caddy type for M.2 with cooling fan built-in? That's the one I'm attempting to use. which of course It's supposed to be plug-n-play. Conveniently neither caddy or M.2 manufacturers have any drivers.

I am open to any suggestions, I'm running out of ideas.

Thank you much,

Mike D.