2.5kusd designer workstation build


Aug 3, 2011
I’m in need of a machine that I can use for all of my design work along with handling all of my gaming.

I’m keeping my 1Tb HDD as a cold storage in this machine. I’m also going to continue using my current keyboard and mouse.

As I need to get a scanner, a Wacom tablet and design programs, my budget is around $2500 for the machine.

My links will be to Newegg as I trust them as a distributor.
Case: CM HAF X Blue $189.99
CPU: Intel Core i7 1155 $314.99
MB: Gigabyte Intel 1155 $289.99
Mem: GSkill Ripjaw 4Gb $35.99
Power: Antec 750W 80+ Modular $89.99
VPU: 2x Zotac GeForce 1Gb SLI Rdy $499.99
SSD: 2x Crucial 64Gb SIII $239.98
Fans: 5x Scythe 120MM Slipstream $42.45
Disk Drive: ASUS 24x DVD Burner OEM $20.99
Sink: Xigmatek 120mm Rifle$34.99
Suggestions are very welcome. Critique the hell out of it :D.
Pretty GPUs. Not sure I would choose Zotac however. Relatively new company with offices and manufacturing in China.

EVGA is based in the USA ;)

However, it would help a great deal if you would tell us what programs you are planning to use.

You need at least 8GB of memory, and should loose the RAID SSD idea. Just get one SSD. Bandwidth limitations of the PCI-E bus WILL slow your SSD RAID 0 way down.

You absolutely do not need to create a wind-tunnel to work next to... you won't like it. Slipstream fans are loud... whiny actually. And it's overkill.

Hyper 212+ is the cooler of choice:

Asus Z68 Deluxe would be a better choice I think. Better spacing between PCI-E slots


Aug 3, 2011

Most of these parts are verified through one computer science major friend of mine working at best buy and making his computers all of the time so I really want other opinions. AKA thanks for the reply.

I'm still about a month out from purchasing this and I forgot to mention the programs. I won't be doing any 3D modeling, I'm a 2D kinda guy. I'll likely be running the Adobe CS5.5 Master Suite on it. That and once GW2 comes out I will be needing it for that.

As for the fans, I wanted some extra ones is why I mentioned the high quantity. They break and I didn't want to have to wait to replace.

Zotac is just what was originally suggested as my pal has had good experience with them and uses them himself. I would trust something out of China the same as an American manufacturer as I don't trust either nation :D.

I'll think about the Mobo though. If that is going to have a little more space then I'd be glad to have it.

With the SSD's, I want to RAID 0 them so what needs to change for my bus limits to increase?

Thanks again!
OK before I leave you to it I'll just spell out the whole RAID 0 thing.

P67 and Z68 boards have a limited number of PCI-E lanes to work with. 16 total. The SATA 6GB/s ports and USB 3.0 share that bandwidth. If you are going to SLI, that technically uses ALL 16 lanes, 8 for each card. What happens when you add two SATA 6GB/s SSDs to the mix is that that controller gets throttled down.

I've seen tests where RAID 0 SSDs (on SATA 6GB/s) performed the same as a single SATA 3GB/s SSD.

Ideally on this platform you would use a single higher powered card, no SLI or crossfire, and a single fast SSD. This would minimize bandwidth issues.

Or wait three months for the new high-end replacement for the LGA 1366 boards, LGA 2011.