2 beeps then 3 beeps when PC starts up


Nov 21, 2010
I got this beep code error about 2 weeks ago. The first 2 beeps the 3 quick ones and nothing shows up on the monitor at all. I just put a new hard drive in thinking that was the problem. Apparently it wasn't then I just replaced the mother board with a new one of the same kind. I started loading windows and it gets to about 6% then the monitor goes black again after which upon start up I get the same error codes again. I have taken out the battery from the MB and un-plugged every connection from the mother board. Nothing seems to fix the problem. The video card is in great shape.
At this time I have no idea wha the problem is. New MB, new HD.. what next?
Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this error problem so I can this up and running??

Oh and its XP service pack 2
Asus 8an SLI SE (MB) (New)
Dual Core Processor (about 3 yrs old)
500mb Hd (New)
2gig Ram
8600 Series Nvidia Video Card (1yr old)
IMHO, the problem is the motherboard. Use a different manufacturer motherboard and the problems will be solved.
and for fudd sake, don't try to update the bios using the software tools the manufacturer CD provided
Download the full motherboard manual and look up the beep codes.
Take out the components one at a time, and run them on a different computer, to test them.
But I think you would have better luck if you avoid that manufacturer.
But you need to look up and pay attention to the beep codes. The codes are listed in the motherboard manual. each code tells you what is malfunctioning. so, before you do anything else, you need to know what the two beeps, and three beeps...is trying to tell you.

well, I did look up the manual and there was no listing of beep codes that I could find, there is a troubleshooting guide, but it is only available in Chinese...



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