[SOLVED] 2 Channel amp running 2 Subwoofers

Sep 20, 2018
So recently I got a Pioneer GM-A5702 1000w, but not sure am I able to run my 2 subwoofers, which is Rockford punch z rfz2410 single coil 200w. Some say it can run but don't over do it, some say I only can wire 1 subwoofer, any suggestions? :/
taking literally what u said, your amp is capable of outputting one thousand watts total, so that is 500w per channel, and one single sub can take in two hundred watts and two subs will take four hundreds watts so that leave you 600 watts to spare. So what is the problem? Again taking what u posted literally, the only thing that can go wrong is you may blow your subs by feeding it too much power.


Nov 19, 2013
With each woofer connected to separate channels, the amp will deliver a max of 300w at 4ohm. Your speakers are only rated for 200w, so don't crank too high.

If you don't want the bass to be on separate channels, you can bridge the amp to 2ohms for a max of 1000w connect the two subs in parallel. And that's where you'd need to be extra cautious on the amp's power levels.


Jan 27, 2011
Never go by max wattage, those numbers are inflated especially if you don't list the correct ohm rating on each channel to acheive that wattage. You should only every talk about RMS wattage. THat's the more commonized number to refer to.

It also doesn't matter how many watts your amp is. Just put a multimeter(oscilloscope is better), play a sine wave pattern on your stereo at a steady frequency, and put a true-rms mutlimeter on your amp, set it to AC voltage reading. Then adjust your volume on the head unit to your max listening volume and adjust your gain to match the maximum rms wattage of your subwoofer. So if your sub is say 100watts rms and it's wired for 4 ohms on that channel, then using basic ohms law, V = sqrt(PR). So sqrt(1004) = 20Vrms. So you want to adjust your gain to 20volts on your multimeter. You can download amplifier adjustment test tones on the internet. As long as you adjust your amp like this, you can run it all day long and never blow your subwoofer, your amp could put out 10,000 max watts and it wouldn't matter.

Also, you can explore wiring options for your amp. Most 2 channels amps are bridgeable at 2 ohms. If your subs are 4 ohms each, you can wire them in parallel to make a 2 ohm effective load and get the most wattage out of you amp. If you wire each channel separately at 4 ohms, your amp might not even put out the wattage to max out the subwoofers.