Question 2 Cores stuck @ 3500Mhz w/CCX-Specific All-Core OC [3900x]

Feb 16, 2020
Hey guys;

I'm using a CCX-Specific All-Core OC to push my 3900x up a bit. Its working well; i'm currently at 4.475Ghz on CCXs 0 & 3, and 4.375Ghz on CCXx 1 & 2

CCX0 - 4.475Ghz
cores 0-2
CCX1 - 4.375Ghz
cores 3-5
CCX2 - 4.375Ghz
cores 6-8
CCX3 - 4.475Ghz
cores 9-10

So it basically goes like that ^^^, except core 5 and core 8 are stuck at 3500Mhz; which is lower than the base-clock of 3900x.

I've basically got all processor settings on auto except for the OC, PBOs turned off, SOC @ 1.1v, RAM @ 1.53v, and pretty much all other voltages/settings are untouched.

I've tried to see if the processor wasn't getting enough juice so I've tried a few different voltages from 1.3--1.45v with no differences.

I'm kind of stumped on this one; especially since the cores that are acting up are supposed to be the 2nd fastest core on either of their respective CCX.

Any advice would be gladly appreciated.

edit: When I down-clocked CCXs 1 and 2 the 2 affected cores then dropped down to 3200Mhz each. -ahhhhhhhwhatsgoingon