Question 2 Fans spinning at full speed on Asus GTX 1080 Ti ?


Dec 24, 2013
Hi community,

I have this weird issue on my Asus Strix GTX1080ti.

I'll start with my specs:

9700k with an Asus prime z390-a motherboard
16 GB of ram
PSU is XPG core reactor 750 watts ( 1.5 years old)
GPU 1080 Asus Strix almost 4 years old

The issue:

2 out of 3 fans on my GPU start spinning at full speed after I boot up my pc. It happens randomly when I'm not gaming, sometimes after 5 minutes, sometimes after 10 but it do happens at some point. They don't go back to idle mode even when the temps is below 40 until I restart and then the cycle repeats.

While gaming it starts happening almost immediately as the temperature rises and they stay like that even when I close the game and until I restart.

There is no effect on the performance of the GPU at all.

Also for some reason all the tools show the RPM as 0 and I can not control the speed manually using any of the tools(MSI afterburner, Asus GPU tweak etc)

I recently serviced the GPU by changing the thermal pads and the thermal paste.

Strangely once this issue started happening, I opened it up again and changed the thermal paste and when I did it worked fine for 2 3 days and then started happening again, I tried changing the paste again twice and again it works fine for 2 3 days then going back to the same routine of going out of control at every boot.

I was using a cheap quality paste before but then I got a better one which is thermal grizzly kryonaut but I don't think that should affect this issue.

I'm honestly confused as to what the issue can be

Any help would be appreciated.

Attaching an image of CPUID while my GPU's 2 fans spin at full and it shows 0 RPM

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