2 Graphics Cards not in SLi


Jan 15, 2010
What's the point. I've seen a few people now using 2 cards in their systems and not SLi/Crossfiring them. What is the point of that?

I suppose they might dedicate 1 to PhysX and the other to everything else, but I can't even confirm that.

Just kinda puzzled here.

That is exactly the point , with Nvidia cards you can dedicate on card to Physix and the other card to everything else especially if the two cards are not the same model. If they were the same model then it would make more sense to do SLI because then the second card can do both Physix and help the first card. In the Nvidia control panel you can designate what card to ues for what and there is even an option to use the cpu for Physix and let the two cards do everything else ,or if you have one card you can have the cpu do physix. I would only do that if I had a real good cpu though.