2 ISP's, 2 LAN's


Sep 21, 2012
I have a unique dilema that I can't find an answer to after scouring the forums.

Background: I live in a mountain(y) area and work from home. I have 2 ISP's: DSL and HugesNet. DSL here is pretty flakey and maxes out at 3M down (yeah, in the most optimal conditions that have yet to occur) while HugesNet is decent, but has a monthly 15GB data cap. I have a 24/7 server running Plex Server, Sickbeard, CouchPotato and Headphones in conjunction with SABnzbd (Newsgroup-related.) I'm planning on running the server on the DSL to avoid HugesNet's data cap. Everything else will run off HugesNet.

Goal: I need the Server to be accessible by other PC's and connected STBs in and out of the house. Can I somehow bridge the connections so that the Server can be accessible to the other PCs without using HugesNet's connection?

My available gear: Netgear WNDR3700 & WNR834M, a couple of Powerline adapters and an old unused Netgear FVS318 Firewall/Router
Right off hand the easiest way I can think of is to connect the server directly to the DSL modem, then put a second NIC in the server connected to your local LAN. Just make sure you set the routing metric of the second NIC to be higher than the first NIC.

Also, in the above scenario, if the DSL goes down the server will automatically use the satellite connection. If you want to disable that then use a static IP on the 2nd NIC and leave the default gateway blank.