Question 2 laptops that can't be repaired

Jun 8, 2023
I have 2 Toshiba satellite laptops a C50D-A-133 and a C850D-107...can I swap parts from both laptops to create 1 working both laptops have different issues which the repair shop said both laptops can't be fixed


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

If the repair shop stated that they both have issue that can't be repaired, then it's very likely the motherboard that's conked out. Did you get to an answer from the store stating what went wrong and maybe what to avoid not doing if the issue crops up again?

If the motherboard is what's wrong, and the rest are in working order, then the ram and storage are the only things you can salvage but at this point, you're better off buying a new laptop as opposed to wasting time on devices that were deemed non-repairable.