Question 2 Minute long Post after settings change


Aug 22, 2016
I'm currently running a maximus VIII hero. I was trying to see if I could run one monitor out of my GPU and another out of my motherboard at the same time. Lo and behold I find the bios setting called "CPU Graphics Multi Monitor" I switched that from Disabled -> Enabled. I also switched Primary Display from Auto -> PCIE.

Now as soon as I went to save, the PC instantly tried to reset and ... nothing, at least I thought. What it turned out to be was about a 2 minute wait for the BIOS to post. I went back to the BIOS to change the settings back to how I found them. I discovered that upon clicking save my BIOS would hang for a good minute before resetting.

So now I have my settings back to how they were before and the Post still takes 111 seconds according to task manager. I'm wondering where I should start to find the issue.

A small thing that might be worth mentioning is my boot from Windows logo -> login. I have an SSD and recently that had been eating up some time as well, about a minute. I had recently reinstalled windows and the boot manager ended up on the wrong drive, I figured this was the issue and pushed back the fixing process to a later date. Now however, it goes from the windows logo -> login in a time you'd expect for an SSD, under 10 seconds. So I went from Quick Post -> minute windows load to 2 Minute post -> quick windows boot. Whats going on?