2 Mobos in Comparison


Jan 11, 2007
EVGA nForce 680i SLI Socket 775 Motherboard


Asus P5NSLI NVIDIA® nForce™ 570 SLI™ Intel® Edition
Socket LGA775 ATX Motherboard

I have the asus one and I have had a few BSOD issues. The video card is fine and the RAM was initially bad and has been swapped out. I played WoW for about 5 hours yesterday with that asus board and no BSOD....the night before I played WC3 and BSOD in 45 min...so I bought that EVGA board...

I have not installed the evga board. Should I install it? Is it that much of a better board if I do not have issues with my Asus? I paid 120ish for the asus board and 230ish for the evga after the rebate. I can sell my asus board to a friend who wants to build a PC for 100 bucks...

Should I go with EVGA? Im so lost with all the new tech lately =/


Apr 13, 2004
Since you already purchased the 680i board at the least I would go ahead and set things up, install windows on it and install WoW or WC3 or both. Wouldn't bother iwith other apps until you know you're satisfied. See if things run smooth and you like it. If not its easy enough to put old system back together, assuming you are using different Hard Drives for each system. If not then there are hoops you'd have to jump through to not reinstall on the hard drive but they're at the risk of data loss and a lot more hassle.

Weigh the options, usually people ask before they purchase a product for opinions. Now that its in your possession I'd just be tempted to test it out. It has more features and arguably a much better board overall but if you use few accessories and only play those two games will you really see a difference in your experience? Likely not. If you OC it will go higher likely and if you use lots of accessories it might be a benefit, shrug. Lots of variables to determine whether its the better board for "you".


Jan 11, 2007
I am only currently playing these two games. I bought the computer to be able to be strong enough to run DX10 games like Crysis, Hellgate, DMC4, and other next gen pc games.

I also do a lot of graphic design and video editing in my spare time with photoshop and premiere

Current rig is:

The asus board
8800GTX xfx
2GB Patriot 667 DDR2 (will be switched with 4GB PQI that I am having RMA'd)
Pent E6600

So what you recommend is swapping out everything and getting a new hard drive (which is not expensive) and making the computer over again basically yeah?

That does not seem difficult. I would just have to get another hard drive. I might even have one laying around.

Basically the apps I run are:


Future Apps:
Halo 2

I want them to run at full with no slow down haha...