Question 2 Monitor, 2 GPU. Windows (7) being jerk.

Apr 7, 2019
So after some test i found/guessed the cause of my issue.
*I've search solutions to my issue and got one but it is not fully effective.

Issue: When my game (Or anything )is Full Screen Windowed, my main Monitor displaying at 144Hz suffer from Tearing/Stuttering because of Windows being stupid.

What i think is going on is that, when something is fullscreen Windowed. A line of pixel which is, not visible make Windows try to synchronizing both Monitor to 60Hz (Note that i previously didn't had this issue when both of my screen were 60Hz).

My question: How could i fix this issue?

*Before i even finished to write this to post it, I found the issue: If i disable (Aero) transparency, suddenly everything become smooth.
But still wonder how i could fix this while keeping Transparency enable. Right now it look like Window Vista ._.

Here is a picture of TechPowerUp graph of When my game is Full Screen Windowed, (Aero) Transparency enable: (It's smooth and flat when nothing is full screen windowed )

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