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Question 2 Monitors - 240hz and 144hz with GSync = Stutter?

Oct 28, 2019
Hello friends,

I've been scouring the internets for answers to this question with no luck. I have a ASUS PG258Q (240hz) and the PG278Q (144hz) now I've been dealing with a micro stutter that has ever so slowly been eating away at me.
After trying everything I could think of the last thing I tried was only using my 240hz with the second monitor unplugged.


No stutter at all, higher much more consistent framerate, a buttery smooth experience that I cannot wash from my hands. Now my question is; since I stream and really do need the second monitor, what are my solutions in keeping this smooth experience and utilizing my secondary monitor?
Do I finally need to commit to getting a stream PC?
Fixed refresh is an option but then Im wasting the extra $$ I spent on Gsync. Should I sell my 144hz for a newer PG278QR (165hz)? I would use it as i play all my RPGs on the 1440p monitor currently and all FPS on 240hz 1080p.

I7-8700k (5.2GHz) Delidded + Liquid Metal
NZXT Kraken x62 Rev 2
Asus Max Hero XI
32GB Corsair Dom Plat (3400mhz)
Asus Strix 2080ti
Corsair V1000 PSU (1000w) (used to have 2 980tis)

Open to any suggestions and questions


Sep 25, 2019
It's an issue when combining two different monitors with differing refresh rates. The same issue is currently happening with me, but I'm stuck with a 144Hz dropping to a 60Hz... My way around this was simply using Nvidia's built in shadowplay or by leaving the streaming program (like OBS studio) window ON the monitor with the highest refresh rate.

If you put the recording/streaming program window on the monitor with the lower refresh rate it will drop your screen being recorded to the refresh rate of the other monitor the program is on. It's annoying, but that's first world problems for you.