Question 2 Monitors setup too dark turning off and on fixes both

Sep 10, 2019
Hello there, I'm currently having this issue where when I turn on my computer, almost all of the time, the image on both displays (I have a dual monitor setup) or in one of them, is too dark, like it has a lot of contrast and no brightness, to fix it, I have to turn on and off the monitor a couple of times, at first I thought it was the monitor, but then I got a new one (for the dual monitor setup) and discovered it has the same behaviour, also I have to open nvia control panel, and switch back and forth between disabling and enabling Nvidia color management, this also helps to make the monitors work normally again.
I have 2 Samsung b2350 monitors
And a Nvidia gtx 970
Both monitors are plugged to the gpu, one with an dvi to vga adapter and the other with a hdmi to vga adapter.
Where can I start to investigate this issue?



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