Question 2 Months Old Gaming PC crashing while playing WoW

Jun 10, 2021
Hey guys so basically my PC (which I mostly use for gaming, also I’m a PC newb) has been having quite some issues lately. PC was built late March, worked perfectly fine for around 2 months, playing World of Warcraft Shadowlands on ultra graphics always between 60-75 fps, no lag, no nothing. Towards like the end of May it started randomly just crashing and then when I would turn it back on the graphics card would be disabled and I would have to enable it again. A friend with a similar build (he’s studying IT in university) told me that it’s an issue with AMD or Windows software and that everything is fine. These days however the problem became much worse. This one time I left it on for like 30 minutes while I was chatting with a family member in another room, I come back, the PC is seemingly on and the fans aren’t spinning. (I have an RGB setup and the lights were on for the fans and the RAM as well, keyboard was off completely) Thing is I would disconnect the fans and reconnect them then it would turn back on normally. But afterwards at around night time, the PC would crash again in the same way, black screen with the fans that would slowly stop spinning while I could still hear the PC audio. I would shut down the PC and start it up again, yet the fans wouldn’t spin (they would only spin after reconnecting them, it was a lot of hassle and sometimes they wouldn’t work), so I opened the PC up, cleaned it, disconnected the fans and connected them again. This went on for a couple of days of reconnecting the fans. Assumed it was just faulty fans and replaced them since I didn’t like them that much in the first place and wanted ones with better color options. Now the same thing happened. I checked bios before actually using the PC and apparently the highest temperature my PC has gone to is 70 degrees Celsius. (Idle temp is 30) So it may be safe to assume it isn’t an overheating issue? After checking the BIOS I start up WoW, temperature was almost at 60, seems safe enough right? I use some spell with a fancy animation and my PC does the thing, again. I touch the top of the PC case with the palm of my hand and it was a bit warm but certainly not what you would consider hot, the case technically has good air flow and everything has been cleaned (with compressed air of course, no liquid ended up into the parts) before installing the new fans. Could it be the graphics card causing all of the issues, considering the previous crashes where the graphics card would end up disabled? Both the CPU and GPU stay around the same temperature, haven’t really noticed them going out of control, as 70 degrees should still not be a reason for a crash. I’ve also considered it could be a power supply issue, I’m really stuck on this, I’m really frustrated and I could use some help, I’ve already tried quite a lot of stuff. And it’s really odd how after 2 months of usage it would end up like this, considering the fact that I don’t have a lot of stuff on it, just WoW and Warzone. (Windows and drivers are all up to date) Could it be faulty hardware? Should I send the graphics card over? I still have warranty on it.

Please send help I’m a PC newb and me and my friends have no idea how to fix this…

P.S: I sadly don’t have any acquaintances I could test the parts with as my PC friends are long distance.

Below is an image of the BIOS before the last crash. AND the relevant parts of the PC build, do let me know if you need to know anything else!

PC Build:
HyperX Fury RGB 16GB (2x8GB), DDR4, 3200MHz, CL16, 1.35V (RAM)
Deepcool E-SHIELD (PC case)
Solid-State Drive (SSD) HP S700, 250GB, 2.5", SATA III
MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX, Socket AM4 (Motherboard)
AMD Ryzen™ 5 3600, 35MB, 4.2 GHz
Seasonic S12III-650, 80+ Bronze, 650W (Power Supply)
Cooler Processor be quiet! Pure Rock 2 Black
Deepcool RF120, 120mm, RGB LED (three) – OLD FANS
AQIRYS Aries 3-Fan Kit – NEW FANS


Look in Reliability History and Event Viewer for error codes, warnings, and even informational events that precede or occur at crash times.

Observe system performance using Resource Monitor and Task Manager. (Use both but only one at a time.)

Start by observing while computer is just sitting idle.

Then leave the window open and drag to one side or the other.

Then do some light browsing or other work (emails...). Continue watching.

Open WoW but do not immediately play.

When the system is stable then play and watch what happens to system resources. You are not playing to win per se. The objective is to discover what happens and leads to a crash.

May take a few tries but you may be able to spot some resource change that leads to a crash.