2 networks in one router


Dec 14, 2012
hi all

*-my router is a sonicwall nsa 2400. (ip:
*-my network adresse is : 192.168.0.X /
*-all computers in my network are using stat ips (not my fault, and i can not change this fact).

Question: Can i add a new network range (not physical wires ) in this router expl 192.168.1./ X with DHCP,and link it to 192.168.0.X so two computers in this differents networks range can talk to each others ?

Depends if you second router is really a router. Many things people call routers nowdays are actually gateways. They only have the ability to transfer traffic from the WAN to the LAN interface if you NAT the address. They do not for example in your case let you send traffic to the 192.168.1.x address from the wan network.

But if you would have one all you need to do it put a static route in the sonicwall pointing the to 192.168.0.x. Your new router should have a default route of your sonicwall which I assume is the default route for your current network.

This method will partially work if you use a gateway rather than a true router but you run into the exact problem you do with NAT and portforwarding you do when you try to have machine on the internet connect to your lan machines.
The solution is about the same you just create a vlan on the sonicwall and make sure the new devices are on that vlan. It depends how you have these cabled and what if any switch exist. In this case the vlan will route without you making any extra change.

If you cannot use a vlan or physical separation of ports for the new network you really won't be able to get it to work. You could try crazy things like overlapping the 2 networks on the same vlan but that leads to all kinds of problems