Question 2 non SLI/CrossFire GPUs

Jun 25, 2019
I was wondering if it was possible to run two graphics cards completely independently while one takes the strain on my main monitor while the other runs peripheral programs on the other like discord and Spotify so that I can get the most performance out of my primary card. This is also so that I can get a lower end card before I save up later for something better, any advice of if that is worth it.
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Does running a second monitor really not add strain to the card?
Running a second monitor is practically nothing for a GPU in a non-gaming scenario on the second screen. After all, you could run these things on the integrated graphics on an Intel CPU from 2007 and unless you have a very low-end GPU, it's much, much, much more powerful than the integrated graphics on an Intel CPU from 2007. Think of your GPU like you're driving a car down a highway. Adding a second screen is like you picked up a few groceries. Yeah, it's more technically a bit more work for the car, but not enough for the car to actually care. You're not going to lose 10% of your miles per gallon because you got a gallon of milk and some bagels.
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