Question 2 old switches need new power adapter


Nov 15, 2017
hello i recently found 2 older switches without the powercable and i want to buy new ones. on the back it says:

1.0A/0.5A 50-60hz

the other one:

100-127v 0.75 A ( 0.75 A)
200-240v - 0.4A ( 0,4 A)

Those look like standard ac power connections. I forget what the power connector is called but the end on the equipment is standard in almost every country. The plug end that goes into the wall is different but devices like these can run on any power in any country pretty much.

Most people have boxes of power cords laying around. I know I took a bunch home from work, we used to recycle equipment and keep just the power cords or we needed special cords used in computer racks so we did not use the power cords in the box.

These should be available at almost any store. I know the dollar store near me sells short ones.

Now if you were talking about some massive server or something that needs lots of power those take different cords.

I bet you have some someplace in your house that will fit. If they fit they will work.