Question 2 Out of 4 Memory slots not working. PLS help if you can.


May 10, 2015
Hi ! I've recently cleaned my PC, it was sitting untouched for like 6-8 months, i can't remember if last time, that was 6 years ago, if i changed the Thermal Paste or not, so i decided to take it apart and thoroughly clean the whole thing, like the Case, PCB etc..

After some time consuming and painful efforts i've found out that 2 of my A channel Slots are malfunctioning.
Computer actually operated on one of my 4gig of stick which was in the second line, between B channel. all that time i thought i was using 8Gig, cause bios said i have 8.

so i took all sticks out except for 1 and tested each slot. tried both sticks, they still work and under warranty, found out that the 2 to the right are dead, or almost dead, very rarely, i manage to boot into windows and do some slight tasks, with windows actually seeing 8Gig of ram, but then crashes and restarts but won't boot anymore, so i need to take the faulty slot and use the 2 others that work, but can't use dual channel mode.

Also when i use integrated GPU i get 2x long beeps and 2x shorts, w say that i have video memory error or smthing, but my GPU works when using the 2 slots to the left.

have to admit, i did clean the MotherBoard on some areas with a wet towel and used some detergents for cleaning, but i haven't ripped of anything and it also had like 2 hours or more to dry until it was powered up, also the internal battery was removed during the process.

What I DID to CHECK > cleaned up the memory slots w alcohol and made sure no pins are broken, visual board test, bios reinstall, cpu replacing.

The board is a little bit round from the cooler, maybe it was a bit too tightly screwed together, but i really doubt it's from the cooler, my worst fears are that the IO controller/Chipset is broken, not sure, i hope that just some little thing is fried and i could service it, btw, how can i measure the slots for voltage ? i have a multimeter.

Thanks, any little advice is appreciated and excuse my poor english.

MBoard is GA-F2A85X-D3H, suited my needs perfectly.
( For people who ask if mems are identic, NO, they're not, but trust me when i say, that is not the culprit )
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