[SOLVED] 2 pairs of the same ram wont work combined??

Oct 1, 2020
Hi bros, so I bought brand new 16gb ram kid of Trident Z royal to be exact. And I would like to put it as additional on my my current trident Z royal 8x2 which is already on my mobo.
Problem is whenever I combine them all in my mobo. System only detects 3.
I have been switching the placement and trying all ram slot if that was the problem. But all rams slot is working And the old ram pair and the new ram pair works on their own as pairs. But System wont boot when all 4 rams are connected. What should I do?

Why is it not working when combined?
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Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

Include all four RAM modules - make, model, specs. Were any of them purchased as a matched set?

What to do:

Go to the motherboard's manufacturer's website.

Find the applicable Motherboard User Guide/Manual and double check both what RAM is supported and in what configurations.

Read all fine print and notes. Check the RAM QVL (Qualified Vendors List).

Also check the required (if any) order of physical RAM installation.