2 Questions (Bottleneck/Power Consumption)


Sep 1, 2009
I'm looking at a custom build currently, and I have a few problems on my hands. I realized that I could substitute a GTS 250 or a 4850 for a 4870 for still under my budget of $620! I jumped at the opportunity, but it soon made me think a little.

Here are the basic system specs:
AMD Athlon X2 240 @ 2.8GHz
2GB (2x1GB) of Corsair XMS2 DDR2 RAM
Asus M3A78-CM AMD Motherboard
600W Generic Power Supply
320GB 7200RPM HDD

Here are my questions:

1. Will my 600W PSU handle a 4870 512MB?
2. Will the card be bottlenecked by the processor? I got premium RAM just so I could use AMD Overdrive and OC the processor, so how far should I OC to remove the bottleneck, if there is one?

EDIT1: I will be using this as a budget gaming computer to play games like CoD4, Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike 2 (Finally sorta confirmed) and other games like that. And Quake 4 on Ultra, but I know for a fact the 4870 will have no problem running Q4 on ultra.