2 ram sticks (2gb each) (one has badram) show different results in windows ram testing tool and memtest86


Feb 6, 2018
My hardware:
CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) II x4 631 quad core
motherboard: a75ma-g55 (ms-7696)
NVIDIA gefroce GT 440

I have 2 RAM sticks 2gb each ddr3 1333MHz, they are completely same, actually they are twins.
Problems started near a week ago when I began to catch some problems that can be related to RAM
I tested my RAM with windows RAM testing tool and with memtest and both showed RAM problems. But when i tested them one by one: no one stick shows any RAM problems. Then i do some more tests and they are:
both sticks work fine and show no any problems in any combinations with other RAM sticks until they`re working together.
both sticks work fine in solo
results are the same on different motherboards.

Than i tested them with memtest and it indicated that:
TEST 1. if i plug them in slots 1 + 3 (that can work in dual mod, if I call it right) it shows a wide range of problem bits. (but i dont shure about which stick in which slot was plugged in) (windows tool show problems too)
TEST 2. working fine RAM stick solo. (windows tool show no problems)
TEST 3. broken RAM stick solo with broken bits of memory in range from 414 to 446 mb. (windows tool show no problems)
TEST 4. both sticks in slots 1 + 2 (that probably shouldn`t work in dual mod, different color slots), showing problems from 414 to 1924 mb. (windows tool show problems too)

Whole results are in the Google disk folder

SO i really didn`t get idea:
1. Why broken stick works fine solo or with other sticks and shows no problems ecxept in a memtest86 from flash drive. And why they showing problems and actually i have problems when that two sticks work together in a system.

2. Why broken bits of memory competly different in test 1, 3 and 4

3. Is there any way to solve this by deactivating broken bits or give windows a chance to do it in auto mode (cos i have an idea that windows actually do it while broken stick works fine and show no problems with windows tool for RAM test).

And some notes:
I cant RMA this stick because warranty has already ended.
I know that better solution is just to replace problem stick but: 1. I want to get idea what`s going on and 2. sticks are a bit expensive for my country average income.
Motherboard have no any changes in voltage and frequency and no overclocking too.
problem CAN be releated to a voltage changing in a circuit.

TY for anyone who at least read this!
Memory is guaranteed in the form it is sold. You buy a kit of two, then they are guaranteed to be compatible together.

You buy two singles, they are guaranteed to operate as singles and no guarantees are made for multiple combinations.

Memory is guaranteed in the form it is sold. Matching up identical part numbers carries no guarantees as to be compatible when combined.


Feb 6, 2018

They actually work fine together for a 5 years maybe, and they were bought together so it almost unreal that problem could be cos they cant work together.

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