2 routers in the same home (one for sensitive data)


Jun 4, 2012
ATT is the service Internet and phone provider to home where I want to rent a "mother in law" apartment. The homeowner has an att wireless router in the home. I telecommute and deal with very sensitive information so I cannot --per company policy-- share the fanily router. Question is can I have a seperate, password protected router in the my apartment which is attached to the home? That would be 2 points of access: 1 for homeowner and family and mine which would be seperate and private for my use only. Cannot seem to get a straight answer from ATT. Also, due to location I cannot obtain service from another provider. Thank you.
you can have a 3rd party router attached to the 2wire gateway. You will need to forward the appropriate ports in the 2wire gateway. of course your sensitive company data will still flow the 2wire family gateway which i imagine still violates the company policy.