May 10, 2009
So here is the situation I would like some opinions on. I live in Canada so I use strongVPN to get a US IP Address so I can use The US version of Netflix among other things. Right now I have setup an Asus RT-n16 as my main router with my Canadian SSID for most of my devices and for speed because surfing off of the VPN is so slow. Next I have a Dlink 615 flashed with DD-WRT where I have setup my Vpn with anther ssid for my roku box and dlna going through my main Asus router. The problem is when I stream HD movies from my Dlink router to my roku box is lags and sometimes drops. Also the pc that I'm streaming from is also wireless with a dwa552 card. I'm thinking of buying an Asus EA-N66 wireless network adapter and replacing my router with a asus rt-n66u.

What do you think? Also, is there a way to setup 2 SSIDS were one ssid would be my VPN and the other regular from one router?
Just a comment of the use of a VPN for streaming:

A VPN encapsulates a network connection using the TCP/IP protocol, which is designed for a reliable connection, not low lag. Even if your streaming connection is using a low lag protocol, the VPN will introduce lag unless he connection is PERFECT with no loss at all.