2 x 6870 Temp Issues/Crashing


May 31, 2011
For you who want to jump right in - here's my afterburner:


Case: Silverstone RV-02. GPU's are vertical in slots 1 and 3, with 2 pci slots of space in between them.

MoBo: Asus p8P67 WS Edition

GPU's: MSI Twin Frozr II R6870's.

The GPU in slot 3 is the overclocked version that is clocked at 920mhz over 900. Newegg shipped me the OC version on accident - what should I do?

Monitors: 2 x 1080p >> GPU1 and 1 x 1080p monitor >> GPU2.

Load: Very little load. Just internet browsing - no active video's besides maybe a song on youtube with just a pic.

-My temps, clocks, and fan speeds are drastically different
-Sometimes a GPU will freeze or go all black? Hasn't done this recently, however.
-Crossfire is disabled for multiple monitors.

Is this normal?

When I put my hand in the case everything feels cool. All fans are spinning. Lots of airflow...

Any suggestions?