Question 2 x GPU´s in same PC for different purposes ?

Apr 23, 2021
is it possible to have 2 x gpu´s for different purposes in the same sistem, a friend of mine is running a rx580 8gb but its artifacting on some games and thats just make some of the games unplayable so he wants to buy a cheapper card for gaming and keep using the rx580 for Creativesuite stuff, his MoBo is Asus b450-plus and i just assume his Psu is capable enough (i did not ask to be honest).

from my point of view i think he can use both graphic cards at the same time, having everything connected to the "gaming" one and set the rx580 on programs like photoshop, but im not really sure. is just how i see it could work and didnt find anything on that matter.
dont know eyther if this matters but the second graphic card would probably be a 1050ti4gb

Thanks in advance.

RTX 2080

This is generally unnecessary and can cause compatibility issues when you have GPUs from two different vendor's (from both AMD and Nvidia). Additionally, it seems unlikely that your friend would have a powerful enough PSU to run both. I would highly encourage him to replace his RX 580 with a GPU that is adequate for all of his needs.
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