Question 2 x HDD on RAID 1 not visible and initiated individually by mistake

Mar 17, 2019
Dear Community please help,

I had 2 x 10TB iron wolf HDD's on RAID 1 in a Silverstone TS231U-C drive storage.

I took my setup to my girlfriends house to transfer movie files from her PC onto the Silverstone device.

Upon returning home I could no longer access the files and folders in storage. My PC simply did not display them.

The HDD was, however, visible via Disk Management in Windows 10.

After trying to fix it, I could not.

A friend told me he could fix it, so, I handed over the Silverstone device to him.

He in turn extracted the HDD's from the Silverstone device and ended-up initiating each drive individually via the Disk Management tool on Windows 10...

Upon realising that he could still not access the drives, he called me and, I realised how messed up the situation had just become.

Thankfully neither drive was formatted however, I now have the added problem that each drive is initiated individually.

What on Earth can I do to fix this properly.

Please note, I am trying to minimise expenses, so I would prefer to not consider an HDD repair shop at the moment.

Moreover, the HDD came with a 10 year warranty and they are only 2 years old, including the Silverstone storage device.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, given the amount of info I have on my HDD's.

Thank you in advance. Cheers
If it was some sort of 2 bay NAS in RAID 1, it was likely in a Linux file format, which, of course Windows can only 'stare stupidly' at such a format...(likely EXT4)

If the drive was initialized/quick formatted in NTFS to get WIndows to recognize it, you can try the usual recovery tools (I doubt if any Windows recovery tools/applications are going to look for/recognize any older EXT4 formatted files), but, as it is merely movies we are talking about, you decide if you want to consult with the Linux recovery applications, or need to consider a data recovery specialist...

such as 300 dollar recovery, etc...