Dec 29, 2012

I need advice please. I have one Sony Bravia TV currently as my desktop monitor connected via HDMI cable. I have recently purchased a 10m HDMI cable so I can watch movies on my main Samsung 5series TV occassion from my computer. The problem is when I connect the Samsung TV with the HDMI cable, nothing comes up on the Samsung TV, it wont recognise a connection. I dont have a separate monitor so when I disconnect the Sony Tv hdmi I lose my screen. I was told the one option is to setup my Sony TV up with a VGA connection and I bought a cable today. only to find my computer does not have a VGA slot.. it has a bigger slot . (dont know what to call it)
is it possible what I am trying to achieve or am I wasting my time?


Agree with 4745454b in that computer specs would be nice, but I'd speculate that you're using an on-board graphics solution which can only utilize one digital output at a time (the other output, by the way is DVI). The answer here, would be to add a discrete graphics card to your system.

Again, this is only speculation and complete computer specs would be handy.

-Wolf sends