Question 2 Year Long Input Lag


Nov 26, 2015
Get guys thought i'd revisit for another round after a few years to see if anybody has found any answers to my 2 year long input lag issue.

My issue originally began on a completely separate PC, after a Windows reinstall I had horrible in-game input lag in virtually every game I played, making it unplayable. Over time of trouble shooting anything I could possibly think of and online suggestions, I took it to the next level of purchasing a completely different prebuilt PC. But to my surprise this PC on boot had the SAME EXACT input lag issues as my previous PC.

Now, I had switched monitor's, keyboards, and mice since then. I've tried almost everything I can think of, as it has been over a 2 year span. So unless it's a fix you think I haven't tried yet, don't post the good old reboot or reinstall drivers.

The input lag DOES seem to be effected from driver to driver for my GPU. But it has never felt very playable for games like CS or Apex. I have tried HPET disable in the bios, which yielded decent results, game was decently responsive with some input lag but not close to what it was before, but gave stuttering.

I will list my PC specs with old being on the left and my new PC being on the right.

CPU: i7 7700k / i7 9700k
GPU: GTX 1070ti / RTX 2070
Ram: 16gb DDR4 3200mhz / 16gb DDR4 3200 mhz
Mobo: ASUS Prime z270-a / Z390 Gaming X
PSU: 850w Gold for Both

All help appreciated, this has been ruining my gaming experience for years! Thanks!


Feb 24, 2016
I've the same problem but no one seem to know how to solve it outside of the normal tips i.e must be hardware, drivers, nvidia settings, bios. I've done everything and like you I have completely new hardware. Thing is my input lag isnt bit, it's very subtle but enough to ensure I can't play at the level I know I can. So if Im pressing keys or clicking mouse buttons every few clicks a click isnt registered or it doubled clicks - so frustrating. I've had it for a number of years now too! :(