Question 2 yr old 1050ti turns on and PC boots and working fine but after 1 minute GPU stops working

Jan 10, 2023
2 yr old 1050ti PALIT
R5 3600
Corsair CX750M
Gskill ripjaws 2x8gb
MSI B450 Gaming Plus Max

1050ti turns and the PC boots and works fine but after 1 minute or so GPU stops working, the display turns off ("no signal" is not even displayed), and fans spin for some time then eventually stop spinning. However, there were some instances where it would show up gray color for 1 sec and then turns the display back off.

Restarting the pc would result in the GPU not running and the GPU troubleshooting LED light in the MOBO being turned on.
HOWEVER, if I wait, like 2+ hours, the situation I explained restarts all over again. PC turns on, there is a display for 1 min then GPU just shutdowns.

I tried reinstalling the driver but I legit can't.

There was a time I was able to download and run DDU but I wasn't able to click anything else as the display turns off. Here it becomes obvious it is not the CPU or RAM. During this time I was able to turn the volume way up and left the PC on for an hour while the GPU was off, hoping that DDU was doing its job without needing any more clicks. I replugged my mouse and keyboard and the PC still makes the device connected sounds.

I was using an HDMI cable., I changed the cables and tried other cables (Displayport and DVI).

Even putting the GPU in another PC still results in the same outcome (the display would turn off in the other PCs).

Cleaned the GPU also.
So far looking at it there are no noticeable burned components in the motherboard of the GPU.

I'm at a loss now, researched online for the same issues to no avail. Anyone who had read or experienced the same, can you post the links?
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