Question 2007 game, broken graphics

Apr 5, 2020
Hi, im trying to run an old game from 2007 called Fish Fillets 2 (childhood nostalgy), the game is on steam so no compatibility issues there. The issue im having is that the graphics in the game seem to be jagged, also game hardcore crashes entire system if i try to switch from fullscreen to windowed.


1st pic: granted an old game didnt have the best graphics but this is way too pixelated compared to whati remember and to the laptop solution i tried (see below)
2nd pic: jagged fish and jagged red backlight
3rd pic: more jagged edges and wierd black square around blue fish (selected character)

im using a DisplayPort monitor with 144hz refresh rate and Adaptive synch (win10)
-switching adaptive synch off somehow helped with the game being playable (as in not tearing to hell)
-ive tried to install this game on a laptop (win10) and the game has no issues at all
-using my monitor for the laptop shows no quality decay on monitors part, so i think its not that

geforce gtx 1080
i7 7700K 4.2GHz
win 10 64bit
16 GB ram

What ive tried:
switching to hdmi with no effect
using compatibility setting ranging from win 98 to win7
playing around with nvidia 3D settings for specific apps
reinstalling old dirextX
veryfying game files
looking if legacy components is enabled (Direct Play) in control panel -> programs and features -> turn win features on and off -> legacy components

any suggestions would help a lot, thanks
Apr 26, 2020
have you tried reducing the resolution to 640x480 that might make it play in a window better. I have a couple old old games that don't work right they are programed to work on a slower computer and pushing the directional buttons the character moves in turbo speed and dies. but if I load them at low resolution they do load graphics right