Question 200ft ethernet cable recommendation for front end of house to my room in the back?

Aug 3, 2020
I am trying to run an ethernet cable from the front of my house to the back where my room is and I know a 200ft cable is what I need. I plan on running the cable mainly alongside the ground and wall, as well as possibly around a couple of door-frames. So I am hoping anyone has any recommendations for a cable or knows if these ones I found from amazon are good? My budget is about $50
With this one my main concern is that it mentions it is "well constructed with pure copper core aluminum foil shield" which I'm not sure is different from CCA (which everyone says to stay away from)
The other one I had found is this one
With that one people mention low speeds or it being lower than cat5e.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!



Not CCA. Tripp Lite is one of the most respected names in the industry when it comes to electronics including cabling, USP battery backup systems, power conditioners, surge protection, fixtures and switches. Anything they sell really is typically of excellent quality by comparison to most other brands. This is one of the choices for many professional installers.
First cable is good unless you need 10gbit. This is exactly what you look for the vendor clearly spells out the wire size and materials.

The shield in the second cable is not what makes it CCA. CCA is used because they want to cut the cost of cables and that is mainly the cost of copper metal. They try to reduce this by using aluminum wire and then put a extremely thin layer of copper on the outside. It has very different electrical properties than pure copper cable. It also tends to fail over the long term because aluminum and copper have different expansion rates and the bond breaks over time.

Shielded cable is mostly just a waste of money. You need very special equipment to use it. Those metal plugs need a special internal ground tab inside the machine to connect to. This is extremely rare. In addition the shield must be connected on both ends to a independent ground it can't be the one use by the power. It is not likely you run special copper grounds to every room. This is something that really can only be used effectively in a data center with servers and good grounds. If you do not properly ground it you take the risk it acts as a antenna and actually increases interference.

Shielding is in theory suppose to get rid of exteneral interference. This is mostly marketing it is extremely rare to see this especially in a home install and it is very rare in industry except some heavy industrial manufacturing.