200mm top exhaust fan mounting in Antec 902

A friend of mine is being very nice and letting me have a Antec 902 case he doesnt use anymore
Only problem is that right now I am limited to my local Microcenter for computer parts
so I need a 200mm fan to fit the 902 and the Antec 200mm isnt available there
So I was wondering if anybody had luck modding other 200mm fans to fit the 902?
I know that 200m fans dont have standardized spacing for mounting like the 120.92 and 80 sizes

this are the fans I can get

I am thinking of trying the CM Megaflow Blue since it reasonably priced and my other case fans are blue leds
I am reasonably handy with a Dremel,Drill,Jigsaw,Tin snips etc
(former Htg/AC tech)

If anybody has experience with this I would greatly appreciate your input
Thank you
those are both awesome suggestions
but due to circumstances right now online ordering is tough
would have to use a prepaid "loaded" visa card
while Microcenter is close and an easier option
to be honest I like the challenge also of doing "mods"
very handy with tools and sheet metal
plus MC has a great 30 day return policy