2011 gaming mouse Mionix vs Steelseries vs Logitech vs Razer


Apr 24, 2008
Hello guys

Happy New year 2011
just straight to the point, i looking for mouse recommendation

for last 2.5 years i been using razer mouse
first razer mouse i got is copperhead which serves me well for around 2 years before left click wearing out

then around 7months ago i grab razer imperator, but after 5month of normal usage (i am not hardcore gamer/ daily play around less than 5hours), the left click double-clicking which seems common issue on razer mouse... i don't know whether the inner parts get dirty or because buggy firmware
But the good things is razer support is nice enough to give me replacement

now i want to hear which top recommendation mouse for Q1 2011
from what i check on net i see :
1. Mionix mouses which seems have good build quality
2. Logitech gaming mouse which really nice for some people
3. Steelseries that also have good build quality but seems some people have some issue with their laser-tracking on high dpi
others than above, i also hear roccat also decent mouse

anyway after reading many stuff, i still can get which one is good, i know need to use it to know how good the mouse, but thats mean i need to buy the mouse no?
so i hope people can give me some recommendation

Also i want to know, is double-clicking issue covered in warranty terms or not, because i learn that some local shop don't cover warranty for double-click issue

thanks in advance


Feb 20, 2010
Any mouse that uses a 5600 DPI laser uses the exact same Phillips Twin Eye laser. There are some minor flaws in the tracking for that laser. At max DPI it fails to track very small movements accurately. Theres also problem with lifting hte mouse where the cursor would drop sharply down every single time.

I personally used two mice with that same laser and they never worked out good for me since I max out the DPI. Only when I learned that everyone was making mice with the same 5600DPI laser did I switch to logitech.

Logitech mice use their own laser without any of that problem. The G500 and G9x are very good mice, they have the same laser but with different grips. I personally prefer the G9x but both are good. I particularly like the weight system on them.

I never tried the Mionix so I can't say anything about the laser.

I do recommend the SteelSeries I2 mousepad though. It is all glass and glides incredibly smooth and doesn't wear down like beaded plastic surfaces.

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