Question 2012 Cintiq - DVI-I to DVI-D?


Aug 5, 2015
Hi all -
I've just bought myself an old Cintiq tablet only to find it uses a single-link DVI-I cable which is incompatible with my GTX 1070's DVI-D port. I've been doing some research on the subject and frankly I'm not sure I fully understand. From what I've read the four extra pins around the blade are for analog - but is that to say that my DVI-I cable is sending analog, or just analog-capable? By my understanding, if it's the latter, the tablet is communicating with digital and the extra pins are just for compatibility, meaning that I can buy a passive converter and go about using it without problems. If it's the former, however, I need an active converter as my newer GPU won't know what to do with the signal.
That all being said, can anyone clear this up for me? Which kind of adapter do I need? Thank you for reading!

Edit - Sorry for possibly panic-posting too early, but after some more research I've discovered that this particular tablet does output analog or digital as required, thereby answering my own question (I believe). Passive adapter is on the way.
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