2013 Kia Soul Designer Tips?


Jul 30, 2014
I have a cherry red 2013 Kia Soul with a black stripe over the top from bumper to bumper. It has white and chrome 15" aftermarket rims on it. My theme colors for my care black and red primary with subtle white accents. I have medium level upgraded Alpine speakers upgraded from CarToys in my car but everything else is primarily stock. My interior designing brand of choice is 'R Racing' as their color theme is black, red and white.My car is my project and I really enjoy my car a lot. I'm wondering if anyone else has a 2013 Kia Soul that they are working on fixing up and if they could provide me with any tips or tricks they've learned.
Please do NOT tell me that all I should do is keep my car as stock as possible, I have no interest in that opinion, thanks!

What I have currently:
R Racing steering wheel cover
R Racing ruber floor mats.
R Racing leather seat covers.
Aftermarket 15" chrome/white rims with rim locks.

Desired Future Upgrades:
A carbon-fiber hood with a hood scoop on it.
Brembo rotors, brake lines and calipers.
A JL-Audio double sub-woofer in the trunk.
Red interior lighting on the undersides of the driver and passenger-side dash.
Replacements of driver and passenger seats with red and black Sparco seats.
Red seatbelt replacements.
A full paintjob with a sharper powder-coated red paint.
Additional lighting for the front bumper and aftermarket grill replacement.
A window tint kit for all windows.

Thanks for information!


Nov 19, 2013
So you're just looking for things to make the car look like it's fast? No plans for engine performance? For such a light car with minimal horsepower, I don't understand why you'd spend so much money buying a brembo system. Don't get me wrong, brembos have phenomenal performance. I have them on my car, but mines also over 4000 lbs with a supercharged V8. It's simply overkill and unnecessary for your application.
I recommend driving it around in a hamster suit, cheaper than spending thousands on a paint job.
Nov 20, 2018
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Saga Lout


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