Question 2016 build suddenly No post (DRAM led) after cleaning and repasting

Mar 28, 2020
hello i've built this desktop in 2016 and its been running fine untill last night when i decided to change the stock thermal compound that came with the AIO and chnaged the ram from slot 1-3 to 2-4

after that i got not post on the motherboard ez debug (there is 3 LED's cpu flash once real quick then its stuck on DRAM for around 10 sec then the dram led turns off -note that VGA led never reach )

there is no signal - no power to keyboard

i've tried all kind of fixes i dont remmeber them all :

1- tried all ram ossible configuration 1 ram in each slot then 2 rams and alternate and so on

2- disconnect the gpu and plug hdmi and sp2 keyboard to the motherboard( diffrent gpu also) - same DRAM and no signal

3-no ram - same - but DRAM led never truns off

4- disconnect every thing thats not needed to post - same

5- cpu socket pins not bent - triple checked

6- no thermal compound on motherboard - some got on ram slot and i cleaned it very good

7-pc fully disassimbled and tried to run breadboard - i it didnt run for somereason and i gave up and put it all back togther to find the same result

8- clear cmos - shorted the pins - removed the battery - removed the plug - held the power button for 50 seconds

what i've come to its either bad ram - psu - motherboard

i spent like 24 hours (no joke)i saw alot of forum posts and videos and i noticed that the same issue appeared with similar motherbord and similar ram and some had the same AIO , idk its making me go crazy/.

NOTE :that i cant access the bios so im stuck on the hardware level ,the fans all turn on and slow down after a while since they're connected to the controller , my m.2nvme ssd gets really hot and i tried to alternate between all the harddrives i have with no luck , also windows usb doesnt do anything

currently i dont have other replacement parts - other than a gpu and maybe a 450 psu that probably cant handel the power i need to run this machine

i did read the post to check before posting my own
if i forgot anthing i will reply asap since i have nothing else to do .

i tried to connect the extra 450watt psu i had but i couldnt connect the cpu pin since its 4 plug while the motherboard is 8 plug....
im losing hope here , i guess i will order a new set of rams and psu
also i hope i didnt break anything while trying to do all those fixes (good new no new symptoms showed )
Mar 28, 2020
i will go buy a new set of ram sticks in 6 hours or so,
if it doesnt work i will go buy a new motherboard, and will try to return the ram
if it doesnt work i will smash my head on the concrete

it wll sure feel bad to buy old items from 2016 just to find out most of it is broke
well it served me well for 4 years (mostly no trouple) but i tought it would last for 10 years