Question 2021 Build vs Buy

Apr 19, 2021
Hi All,

I'm looking to get a new gaming rig as that my current one is getting rather dated (other than a "newer" 1060 and SSD i've added). I typically build them, but with the video card situation right now, I can't seem to find anything, anywhere other than scalper prices that are ~3x the normal cost.

Considering this, is my best bet to go "buy" this time around? Even if I have to wait a month to get it, that's better than paying such crazy prices. Correct me if I am wrong, but saying those prices would wipe out (or be more expensive) than building it myself, no?

I've heard mixed reviews on several of the PC builders out there - what are quality ones that you would recommend if I do end up going the buy route?

Thanks for any help!
if you can find a shop near to your location that offers custom builds, that may be a better option than ordering online.
tech support, returns\RMAs, and other situations can make it very difficult and frustrating dealing with an entire pre-built system.
having to mail a PC back and forth for service can be time consuming and very expensive.

if you do order online, make sure it is a trusted retailer like Newegg, Best Buy, Amazon Prime, etc that you know will honor returns and refunds easily.
and even though they may be sold through a quality retailer, you also have to make sure the actual 3rd party builder is trustworthy also.
make sure they have many, many positive reviews regarding the build quality and customer support. so if you do have to deal with product warranty\RMA after the retail return period has ended, that you will get good support.

also make sure ALL component's make & model are listed in the product description;
PSU, drive(s), memory, chassis, EVERYTHING.
then look up those items individually and make sure they are quality products with good reviews.
many pre-built\OEM systems come with some very low quality components just to save the manufacturer some money.

also check the MSRP of each item, figure the total for buying them separately, and compare that to the pre-built system's price to make sure they are not adding too much to the total just for putting it together and\or slapping a brand sticker on it.
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