2021 Multipurpose/Gaming Laptop with RTX30 and Windows Hello, Webcam?

Jan 22, 2021
With the new Intel 11th Gen and Ryzen 5 laptop processors and nVidia RTX 30-series laptop GPUs, I am starting to look for a new replacment for my Dell XPS 15 as a good multi-purpose business/gaming laptop.

The new laptop should have the following criteria:
  1. Decent main CPU and RTX 3060 or 3070
  2. At least 1TB m2 SSD or two m2 slots
  3. Good 720p Webcam above screen; ideally higher.
  4. Windows Hello support - fingerprint reader preferred
  5. 15" non-touch display with >60Hz refresh
  6. Good thermals for moderate gaming
  7. Good port assortment including at least HDMI, 2 USB-A and 2 USB-C/Thunderbolt/etc.; wired Ethernet is a plus.
  8. Good reliability/build quality (must be reliable as primary daily laptop)
  9. Look business-like enough (no traditional gaming flashy case, although lighting effects are cool if you can disable or tune to more subdued).
While I've loved my existing XPS 15, it is tuned for 'burst' activity, which means it easily goes into thermal CPU/GPU throttling on many games and needs an external cooling pad. My understanding is that this was Dell's choice and that dedicated gaming laptops (or some hybrid creator/workstation laptops) have cooling modes that intentionally favor consistent performance to avoid thermal throttling.
In addition, the new XPS line lacks any USB-A ports, which means a crapload more dongles. As an IT admin/analyst, I am constantly plugging into console ports, wired Ethernet, etc. to diagnose or test equipment.

Battery size/life is less critical as I usually have an outlet available. Weight should be kept to ~5lbs or less.

I was leaning toward the new MSI Creator 15/15M series, but they have not fully listed specs or availability and are still using Gen10 Intel.
Zephyrus also caught my eye, but I can't confirm any Windows Hello support.

Any/all recommendations or observations are appreciated.