Question 2060 after crash won't display on two monitors...


Aug 25, 2019
Hey everybody, I think I killed my GPU but I'm hoping for an easier solution...

Specs: Self built, RTX 2060 (about a year old), Ryzen 3600 (no integrated GPU), Windows 10, 16 GB RAM, two monitor setup with one of them connected with DP and the other with HDMI. From here on out the DP connected monitor will be Monitor 1, the HDMI connected monitor Monitor 2.

Today I've been using MSI Afterburner and went to far I guess. I got a "white screen of death". I couldn't do anything anymore, so I restarted the PC and after that monitor 2 wasn't recognized anymore. I restarted again. Still nothing. Monitor 1 was working, I was seeing everything.

My approach:
  • well panic first
  • tried a different HDMI cable, still nothing
  • I shutoff PC and disconnected the DP (monitor 1) and connected (monitor 2). Now monitor 2 works! When I re-insert DP, monitor 1 is not recognized anymore.
  • same thing vice versa... shut off PC, disconnect monitor 2 and insert DP, now monitor 1 works. Re-connect monitor 2 with HDMI and it's not recognized anymore.
  • device manager shows an exclamation mark, Code 43. I re-installed GameReady Drivers, still nothing. Still same code.
TLDR: My graphics output works with either DP or HDMI but not both at the same time.

Did I fry my graphics card? Has anybody experienced anything like this before? Any ideas on what I could do?