Question 2060 graphics card overheating ?

Mar 4, 2021
PC noob here. Hoping I can get some help.

My initial concern started while playing games online (Halo). Sometimes my computer would flicker to a black screen, then the desktop, and back to the game. It only lasts 1-2 seconds but its annoying. After searching a bit, I read it could possibly be happening from the GPU overheating, which caused me to download Speccy and MSI Afterburner to monitor it while playing. I then noticed that while my CPU and Storage temps stay n the 30-40 C range, but my GPU (2060 Super) gets up to 80 plus C after like 5-10 mins of playing. When I'm not playing games, it stays somewhere in the 40ish C range.

As a side note, I figured out that my game flicks to a black screen regardless of what my GPU temp is, but I'm still trying to figure out why it gets hot so quickly on a non-demanding game. I've owned the PC for 1 year now and I cleaned it out with compressed air but that did nothing. I also upped the fan speed to 100% using Afterburner (just to see what would happen) and it made no difference at all. Also figured I'd mention that most people complain of fans getting extremely loud while doing this, but it only got slightly louder for me. Not sure if somethings wrongs with the fans or they're just quite. Opened up the PC case while playing and still no difference.

On afterburner I see my GPU is set to 1470 MHz and Mem to 7000 MHz whether I'm playing games or not. Not sure what those mean. Also, fan power limit is at 100% and Temp limit is at 83 C. Here's the specs of the PC (let me know if there's anything else worth including).

CLX Desktop - Ryzen 3700X - 16 GB Memory - 2060 Super. Heres a pic of the setup:

Thanks for any help.