Question 2060 in a 7020 sff build?

Nov 3, 2022
I have a question. Im trying to upgrade my Dell Optiplex 7020 sff. And I was initially going to upgrade my graphics card to a 1660 super, but it went up a good $200 on the website i was going to purchase from. So I found a 2060 on another website (Jawa, highly recommend you check it out) and i was wondering if a 2060 is combatable with a 7020 sff motherboard?


Yep. Will work just fine. If it fits. The SFF usually uses a slim mount, not the standard mount.

And if the psu is strong enough, many of those Dell's have craptastic low wattage psus. The stock psu in the 7020 SFF is a measly 255w per specs, and you'd be looking at needing closer to 450w+ for a 2060.

So the motherboard isn't an issue, but everything else might just be.
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The only GPU that will fit in the case is going to be half height and maybe two slot. Unless those parameters are considered a standard 2060 isn't going inside the Dell SFF case. As has been already pointed out, the stock PSU inside that unit isn't powering a 2060 either.

Removing Dell mobo often results in having to make up or purchase adapters for front panel connectors and so forth, often power connectors.

So, if you were asking if you could plug a standard size 2060 into that Dell SFF motherboard while sitting on a counter, and could it work if you had made the other modifications required to power it while sitting on the counter...Yes it COULD work.

If you are asking if you can put a standard 2060 inside the current 7020 SFF case and run (stock) as is? No
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