Question 2060 Mobile crashing/disconnecting when launching games

Jun 30, 2020
Hi Guys

As I have a child on the way I've had to purchasing a gaming laptop and get rid of my PC due to lack of a spare room, however this has been a nightmare for me.

About 3 weeks after I purchased it, it would appear that the GPU will sometimes disconnect or the driver will crash, I'm not sure which.

Sometimes I'll launch the game (WoW, Battlefield, FFXIV), and within 5 seconds of the card cranking up the game will freeze for around 10 seconds and automatically switch to the integrated GPU which provides around 5 fps. The only way to re-enable the GPU is to fully restart the laptop. Sometimes I can go days without this happening, days like today it has happened about 5 times.

When I go into PredatorSense that shows the GPU is idle after this happens, however it is still there in DXDIAG.

This problem doesn't always happen, but when I go to restart the laptop so the GPU turns back on I can get a windows error VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR - but this is only when I restart the laptop.

I have tried a clean removal and installation of the latest drivers and set the card as preferred in NVIDIA Control Panel; not sure what to do next, I'm praying it's a software issue as I really don't want to send it back to Acer, I originally thought it might be something to do with DX12 but I'm not sure about this now. I've not tried a clean installation of windows yet.

Here is a link to the exact laptop and specs

Many thanks for reading!