Question 2060 RTX TUF - Heatsink removal

Mar 30, 2023
Hey all. I have a GeForce branded (to help identify layout) 2060 RTC TUF GPU and recently reapplied some Kryonaut Extreme paste to my CPU. I'd love to use it on my GPU as well since the chances of it being better than stock are pretty high.

My problem is I can't really figure out what to do to remove the heatsink assembly. I have a backplate (plastic) that seems to be screwed in both from behind, in front from accessible screws and in front from screws covered by the fan assembly. But the fan assembly seems to screwed in from behind the backplate. This makes no sense, logically, but I am wary of screwing around with it, somehow torching my card, then having to explain to the wife.

Can anyone offer any help or tips at all? A vid for that specific model would be spectacular, if you find one, but just advice here works too. I have found other videos but the replacing of the paste isn't my issue and none are the exact model, so don't help much. Thanks!