Question 2060 super issues

Jan 28, 2020
so i just built a new pc and it worked fine for the first 3 ish days then i tried to play some pubg and it kept crashing. i did almost all i could then just gave up on that and tried to play some rust. now with my mopre intense games they all crash. my card makes a loud wining sound flickers and freezes. when it did work i ran a 3d mark test and got a 18,000 and now its so bad i cant even get 10 seconds into the test until the scree glitches and it just ends with a sore of zero.

Ryzen 5 2600x
2060 super
16 gb corsair 3000 mh ram
msi b450i mini itx board
nzxt H210i
Jan 29, 2020
Still not a model number, they make quite a few power supplies. Do you have anything overclocked? Anyway you might just have a dud, if you have any friends with graphics cards you can swap out to test then do that, but what you describe might just be a faulty gpu. You could try underclocking it a lil bit to see if that helps, but it might not.

I'd try testing as many scenarios as possible, like moving that gpu to another computer, or undervolting/underclocking, and also just make sure that physically everything is working, like all fans spinning and whatnot. But since you're within 3 days of building the computer it sounds like you should be covered by warranty or at least return policies. Good luck.