Question 2070 vs 2070S vs 2080


May 7, 2018
I’m gonna be modelling & rendering moderate scenes in blender, then exporting to Vegas pro, then after effects for touch ups and later premiere pro.

The GPU heavy program will be blender, after effects would also require a bit of GPU utilisation for graphical scenes.

The dilemma; I wanna get the 2080 because of the 3000 CUDA cores, it’s 1150AU.

Then again, I wanna save some money and go for the 2070S which goes for 970AU, but it has 2400 CUDA cores.

I am hesitant to go for the 2070 (800AU) because I don’t think it really competes with the other cards when it comes to rendering.

Would these cards impact rendering a lot? CUDA cores play a big part when it comes to rendering and I’m unsure since there aren’t many benchmarks with these GPUs.

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RTX GPUs are for gaming and not ideal for rendering. Also, they cost premium thanks to the Ray Tracing feature in them. For raw rendering and no gaming, i'd look towards Quadro GPU since those are designed for that purpose. If you do game, then Quadro GPUs are off the list since like GeForce GTX/RTX GPUs aren't designed for rendering, Quadro GPUs aren't designed for gaming and you can't game on Quadro GPU (there are no game ready drivers for Quadros).

When it comes to the raw compute power of CUDA cores (the more the better), then here are some considerations:
3072 CUDA cores - GTX 690*
2880 CUDA cores - GTX 780 Ti
2816 CUDA cores - GTX 980 Ti
3584 CUDA cores - GTX 1080 Ti

2304 CUDA cores - RTX 2070
2560 CUDA cores - RTX 2070 Super
2944 CUDA cores - RTX 2080

2880 CUDA cores - GTX Titan Black
3072 CUDA cores - GTX Titan X
5760 CUDA cores - GTX Titan Z

2880 CUDA cores - Quadro K6000
3072 CUDA cores - Quadro M6000
3840 CUDA cores - Quadro P6000
3584 CUDA cores - Quadro GP100
5120 CUDA cores - Quadro GV100

3072 CUDA cores - Quadro RTX 5000
4608 CUDA cores - Quadro RTX 6000**
4608 CUDA cores - Quadro RTX 8000**

* With GTX 690, rendering software needs to support SLI. Also, you need to disable "multi-GPU" from Nvidia control panel, else-ways you'd get GTX 680 performance with 1536 CUDA cores.
** While Quadro RTX 6000 and 8000 have same amount of CUDA cores, Quadro RTX 8000 has double the VRAM of Quadro RTX 6000 (48GB vs 24GB).