Question 2080 or 2080ti

Jun 6, 2019
Hi guys!

I decided to upgrade my gpu and i need a little help.

My current setup:
Mobo: MSI x99A gaming pro carbon
CPU: Intel Core i7 6800k @3.40GHz
GPU: GTX 1070 (gainward - overclocked by factory)
Monitor: dell 2560x1440 @144 G-sync
Ram- 16 Gb,(I will buy another 16Gb soon)

So the big question is: should get the 2080 or 2080ti?

I have the money to buy the ti, but i dont really know if its needed since im not using a 4k monitor and i will not get one soon (since they are capped at 60 fps).

Can you guys help me out? Also, i need help with picking the chipset manufacturer. ( so far i was pretty pleased by gainward, but im open to suggestions)

Then get the RTX 2080 model. Don't buy the Ti unless you are really willing to spend some extra cash on this GPU. For your specs/1440p, the RTX 2080 seems to be a much better option, IMO.

EDIT: But wait. Do not buy any GPU if you are not in a hurry. Hold on for few more weeks/months, because NVIDIA is going to announce new refreshed RTX GPUs, and they are going to sell cheaper as well. Are you interested in AMD's NAVI GPU ?

Also, read this article. A fully unlocked RTX 2080 GPU might also be in the works !!:
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May 29, 2018
Few things. First, you really don't need 32gb RAM for gaming. Also, don't just go buy 2 more sticks and add to your existing pair. RAM is sold in tested kits. Second, there are a few 4k monitors with refresh rates higher than 60hz. Third, this is my opinion but a 2080ti is minimum for 1440p or higher resolutions. I had a 2080 and was struggling to maintain 100fps(my standard minimum) in all games. To be clear I still can't maintain 100fps in all games at max settings @ 1440p I'm looking at you Metro Exodus and BFV.
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Doesn't make sense to me to buy a AMD GPU when you have a Gsync monitor.

As for the memory, with prices being as low as they are it's tempting to get 32gb nowadays even if your only gaming. I may take a trip out to my local (kind of, 1.5 hours away) to grab another 16gb kit (yes, taking my chances with mixing the same kit) & a 1TB Intel 660P M.2.
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Nov 14, 2006
Just to add my ten cents worth to the ram issue i've just built a new rig with 16gb RAM. I was playing Anno 1800 at a small population and city and was using over 12Gb of physical ram so i upgraded to 32Gb while i had some cash. I have virtually nothing else running while playing Anno so whilst 16Gb is still OK for most games at the moment it's worth seriously considering 32Gb if you have some spare cash. BTW i use a 1080Ti almost exactly as fast as a standard 2080 but have never got above 90 - 100fps at 1440p. Whilst i'm fine with this get the 2080Ti if FPS over 100 is your thing.
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