Question 2080 Performance Drop For A Reason I Can't Find Pls Help

Feb 15, 2020
TL;DR: My FPS dropped one day and didn't go back up to normal and the problem isn't about the rig I guess :/

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So my RTX 2080 was working fine, had no problems playing games with my MSI Gaming X Trio, which had been factory OCd. Then suddenly when I was playing ARK Survival Evolved with my friends one day, the clock speed dropped immediately and FPS dropped to 70 from 90. Tried changing settings to Medium from High, which would normally result in 120-130 fps minimum but weird enough the result was same, 68-70 FPS stable.

So I thought that I overheated the PC cause I needed extension cables at that time, my 2 fans weren't working. The next couple of days the FPS changed between the normal values and crap 70 FPS from time to time, I was blaming the game at this point.

I checked temperatures, not overheated so the card wouldn't need to decrease clock speed, at least not that much.

I then tried playing other games, currently in a game that mostly works very well on low-end PCs like CS:GO, my FPS drops mostly till 240 FPS (on rare ocasions 190 like dafuq). I used to get stable 290-300 which I should be getting with my card.

I searched for solutions: made sure all parts are working properly and nothing is damaged by sending my PC to an employee, no parts are being damaged and no, I don't think the problem is about CPU bottleneck, since my rig consists of i9-9900k.

I factory resetted my PC, then installed the latest drivers from GeForceNow. Checked temps just to make sure, wasn't more than the rig can handle, smth like 60 on heavy graphical settings. My case has good airflow and 6 fans total with the Arctic 34 Esports Duo being a double-fan CPU cooler.

Even though I factory resetted my PC, should I go with DDU or should I do something in the MSI Afterburner Software? Sorry for hella long post but I gotta find a solution. I would be grateful for your help :)

BTW here are my parts, just if necessary for the solution:

MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Gaming X Trio
32 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000 Mhz RAM
1 TB Western Digital Blue 7200 rpm HDD
500 GB Western Digital SN750 SSD
SeaSonic Focus Plus 750W PSU
Cooler Master MB530P MidT ATX Case
Arctic 34 ESports Duo CPU Cooler

Copied and reposted from nvidia forums
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