Question 2080 super low gpu usage and temperature.

Jan 31, 2020
hey guys, i have question, recently i buy pubg, and i notice that the gpu usage and the temperature are so low, the game run just fine.( just have one crashes in 5 session) i use msi afterburn and use the fan curve 30°>30% ,40°> 40% etc etc. but the usage are 35-45 % and the temperature are 30-40°, its normal?? i watch some videos of pubg with the 2080 super and the temparature are over 65°

I use a normal monitor 1080 60hertz no free sync and no g sync
The game are setting in ultra.

PD: the cpu temperature are 50-65°

gpu: asus 2080super
cpu: ryzen 7 3700x
Psu deepcool 750 gold
ram: 16gb 3000mz XPG RGB
MOBO: asus x570 plus wifi
aio: deepcol gammax 240 v2
case: gamdias p1A
window 10 pro full upgrade.
no OC

all drivers are up, bios etc.
sorry bad google translate.
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1)Poor combo of gpu and monitor. You're not going to push a 2080 Super very hard on just 1080p 60. You've overspent by quite a bit...
That, and since you monitor doesn't have any kind of adaptive sync, you would be forced to lock the fps to 60 anyways, or experience lots of screen tearing.

2)XMP/A-XMP/DOCP is enabled in the bios?
Dual channel or single channel?

3)That may not have been the best psu to run with the 2080 Super.
When the PC crashed, were you able to turn it on right away, or were you forced to wait for a period of time?
Jan 31, 2020
Yep the monitor is a top priority to change, docp is activated, the ram set to 3000 and everything else in automatic. I have a single module of ram of 16gb in single channel.
Only the game stuck, alt f4 and everything normal.
my point is .. the low temperature is due to the monitor? I know I don't make the most of the gpu. But then the temperatures I have are normal?
so i have to worry about something?