Question 2080 Ti fans keep running at 100% for short bursts ?

Oct 31, 2020
For some reason when playing certain games my GPU fans constantly keep going up to 100% speed for around 6 seconds and then go back to normal. This process just keeps repeating when I'm playing the game and it's getting quite frustrating as I'm not sure how to solve this.

I understand that my GPU is probably getting hot and so the fans are speeding up to try and keep it cool, but I don't think it should be constantly speeding up and slowing down, as this never happened with any of my previous CPU's.

I've tried optimizing my fans in the BIOS, however I don't even think it did anything to the GPU fans, only the other fans in my PC. I also have MSI afterburner which does change the speed of the fans, but regardless of what I change it doesn't seem to stop them from speeding up and slowing down constantly.